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  • The Unlock Your SuperPowers Online Training      30 Days to Reclaim Your Power ($1,997 Value)
            • Recreate Your Core Leader Identity
            • Reclaim Your Values & Business Drivers
            • Define Your Unique Value Proposition
• Session #1 -  Creating An Irresistible Offer
• Session #2 - The NEW Perfect Webinar  
• Session #3 -  How I Made $3 MILLION In 90 Minutes
  • Your Top 25 Strengths__________ ($997 Value)
  • The 3 R's of Effective Leadership__($497 Value)
  • Your Core Values________________ ($997 Value)
  • Your Business Drivers_________($297 Value)
  • Your Unique Value Proposition__($1,997 Value)
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Let's just imagine for a moment that you've gone through the course and you are

* speaking with compelling calm confidence
working those health rituals
* doing your daily rituals
* your vitality is returning
* energized
* empowered
* making things happen better and faster and differently
* looking and feeling amazing!!

You have a process and a plan and a toolkit of frameworks to craft your unstoppable leader identity and tools to use when you do fall into that funk when that exhaustion is threatening you again.

How would that feel?
Can you imagine achieving your most important goals and looking and feeling your bet ever? So you've got your plan, you've got your processes, you've got your hacks, you're working your program, and you're clear about what to say yes, to what to say no to, it's going to be amazing. So you can finally get that productivity and be feeling and looking amazing at the same time. And so you're still working hard, but you're working at the right things. So you are no longer spinning your wheels and coming to the end of the day and thinking what have I achieved? Am I any closer?... 

It's going to be awesome!! 
You're going to look and feel incredible. You are going to be working on the right things, you're going to be feeling great, looking great, banishing burnout and stress. Anxiety will still come and go but it's not going to grip you like it has been today. It's not going to take you out.

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This program will definitely give you the HOW and speed up and transform your leader development so you can be creating even more success as you amplify your impact so much faster.

What else do you get in this online self-paced training program?
    •  Your Leader Identity Clarified
    •  Your Top 25 Strengths
    •  The 3 R's of Effective Leadership
    • ​ Define Your Core Values
    • ​Define Your Business Drivers
    • ​Construct Your Unique "Why Choose Me" Statement
    Each of us, in today's busy noisy market, we need to be absolutely clear of what that that "Why choose me" statement is. 

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    You deserve this!
    I know this is the best possible way to really kickstart your leadership growth so you BE your absolute best and kickstart your business growth at the same time.

    Don't just take my word for it, take a look at what others are saying about my work and programs.......

     The outcomes I generated as a result of this goal setting was phenomenal and I achieved most of the key goals within 4 months of setting them, including finding a publisher. I was able to take this knowledge and streamline my actions and choices throughout the year, rather than wasting time on outcomes and pathways which were not in my goal set. I had not been able to focus clearly on my own specific outcomes previously, and had gone down several business 'rabbit holes' as a result. As a result of Lia's program, my business is building in a consistent direction. I now have products in development which will be on the market this year. The value of investing in a skilled and qualified executive leadership coach includes getting the benefits of working with techniques, strategies and business background to accelerate my learning." Dr Catherine F Creative Edutech Founder, Senior Lecturer Creative Writing  
     "The structures and frameworks Lia provided helped me challenge what my success criteria really was. Identifying my values and the culture of the employer I worked for helped me make the shifts needed. It's a privilege to invest in yourself...do it!" Tracy D, Global Sales Director, IT  
     Since I have gained the clarity on my strengths and stretches, I have been far more clearer and confident on driving the changes and outcomes that have alluded me for so long. You have guided me through the whole process with such professionalism and this has resulted in me being more confident, optimistic, empowered and self-aware of both my potential and being able to deliver on it. I will be highly recommending many of my contacts invest in coaching with you." Angus L, CEO Propre  

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    I have heard too many cries for help and seen too many talented women give up just before the magic happens. Many will hesitate and "see what happens" or they keep looking for that magic bullet.....

    Please do not be one of these. 
    Do not leave your success to chance.

    Let me help you get your Goals & banish Burnout !

    ...And this matters because our super crazy world needs you to win!!!....

    So how do I get this??
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